Return Policy and Return Form

Return Policy

We have a well-defined refund policy in place in lieu of which customers are given the option of refunding their money in case their needs are not met properly. However, we try our best to perform the services specified on our site with complete accuracy and dedication. For this reason, the possibility of such an occurrence is negligible. Still, if customers are not satisfied with our services and feel that those have not been performed in accordance with what was described or claimed, they can suggest us to perform the service again, in the hope of a better result.

If customers are still not satisfied with our services or any of their social media pages get blocked owing to our failure in providing them with real fans and likes, we offer 100% money back guarantee. However, please note that in case you did not receive all the ordered number of fans, likes or follower for a particular service was not maintained by us, we offer a partial refund for all the fans, likes and followers not received by you.

We cannot provide any guarantee that the followers provided by us will continue to follow forever. Some may unfollow eventually owing to disinterest. This is one reason why we always over deliver. After all, everything is voluntary and it depends entirely on the follower whether he/she wants to follow or not but will re-add when they drop to much!

If, for any reason, you deactivate your account and then make it live, alter your username or create a different account and want all your followers, likes and fans transferred, we cannot do that. In such a scenario, your followers will all be gone and no replacement will be done for these reasons.

If, additionally, followers from any other supplier have also been bought by you, no claims for lost followers will be accepted whatsoever. The reason is, if a loss is experienced by you, there is no method to determine followers of which supplier were lost. Thus, no replacement of followers of other suppliers will be made.

No claim for refund can be made when the order is already in process, or has not yet been completed.

Our company reserves the right to change or modify this refund policy anytime without any prior intimation or notice whatsoever. You are thus requested to be alert and check our refund policy page each time you visit our site for availing our services.

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